I am Victoria.

I was born in Republic of Moldova two years before it became an independent state.

I do not consider myself a traditional patriot, I do not have Heimweh, nevertheless, my journey on Earth started in a hot zone. I come from a convulsive part of the world.

During my years spent in Moldova, life  was repeatedly shaken by one-weekend revolutions in Piața Marii Adunări Naționale, the epicenter, la piazza or the square in Chișinău where things become official for a moment, revolutions or festivals.

What I remember from my childhood is a heavy discontentment and silence. A point of no return. A running around the bush. A deep infection.

I remember also the will to fight, to change, to move on. The desire to live. The desire to see the eyes of my parents and the family at large lighten up.

In the beginning…

There was a kind of pride  imprinted on their souls. Proud of being Romanian. Proud of being part of Munteanu family, living and breathing in tandem with the nature.  And I became a kind of Jeanne D’arc.

I have written over the years  stories about my family trying to explain to myself what is this silence, this life in circle,  what am I doing here, why do I feel that I have to write about it, why do I care so much about the place where I was born, why do I feel deeply sad when going back there.

I have traveled extensively as a model, did different jobs, learned new things and languages but my heart is still asking the same question- Why? Why is living so damn difficult for me? Be it Moldova or Shanghai or Singapore.

So, this is what I am about in short. I will continue my search and this time I will open myself to the world by sharing my insights with you.

This is going to be deep.

Have fun!